How to Start a Used Car Business

For people looking to hop onto the self-employment bandwagon, starting a used car business is sure to bring them one step closer to financial freedom without the need to depend on anyone else. In order to start a small used car business, people will need to undertake some important steps to be successful.Decide whether it […]

Three Succesful Car Dealers in Scandanavia

Scandinavia refers to a group of countries in the northern hemisphere including Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Greenland. Throughout these countries there are a number of large car dealerships that sell a range of second hand vehicles to Scandinavian residents. With so many dealerships around it can be tricky to know who is reputable […]

Good Equipment for Dealerships

Car dealerships exist in an extremely competitive environment, and having great-looking cars in a smart showroom is key to getting the deals in. However; this doesn’t happen by magic: being able to get the customers through the door requires the best equipment behind the scenes.Some dealers may buy direct from the manufacturer, and it’s natural […]