Three Succesful Car Dealers in Scandanavia

Scandinavia refers to a group of countries in the northern hemisphere including Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Greenland. Throughout these countries there are a number of large car dealerships that sell a range of second hand vehicles to Scandinavian residents. With so many dealerships around it can be tricky to know who is reputable and who to avoid. Read on for three of the most successful and trustworthy car dealers in Scandinavia. BCAHailed as the largest vehicle auction company in Europe, BCA has branches in Nordic countries such as Norway, Sweden and Finland. They stock a range of quality tested second hand cars including classics like Ford, Fiat, Kia and Audi. They also have a range of sports and performance cars available to purchase such as Ferrari, Bentley and Aston Martin. Visit the BCA website and select your country of residence to see what cars are available where you live.DaytonaWhen it comes to classic cars, Daytona are the leading dealership in Denmark. They stock a range of extremely rare classic cars including luxury brands such as Bugatti, Facel and Maserati. As well as classic cars they also sell car memorabilia such as badges and books, plus they are happy to provide advice about participating in rallies and shows.BytilBytbil is one of the most successful car dealerships in Sweden. They have a huge selection of second hand vehicles including vans, motor homes, motorcycles, classic cars and vans. Bytil have many showrooms throughout the country where it is possible to view used cars in person. Another way to shop is to browse car images and information on their website.If you’re looking for used card in Scandinavia then check out one of the listed successful dealers above.